"A week before auditions, I went to a fundraising event where all the a cappella groups performed. At that point, I still wasn't sure who to audition for. The night after this event, I had a dream. I was riding a motorcycle alongside a pack of wild, singing valkyries, whom I recognized only as the members of Sig O. I believed this dream to be a premonition, and Sig O was the only group I auditioned for. Having now been a part of the group for a year, I've realized the biker gang theme was indeed prophetic. We, like any noteworthy leather-toting posse, are badass, extremely good at what we do, and most importantly--

We are RIDE OR DIE."

- Significant Others President, Katelin Coronado '17




Significant Others is Northwestern's all-female a cappella group. Significant Others is also a squad of the most radical singing ladies you'll ever meet. Forged by the powers of musical synchronicity and late night snacks, Sig O is proud to present not only high quality a cappella but loyalty and dedication to last a lifetime. 

Known for covering artists from Amy Winehouse to Britney Spears to Jay Z, Sig O is a favorite on campus. We perform at a variety of events and in a variety of spaces. Our Music Directors compose every piece of music we perform, and we practice those pieces 6 hours a week. But it's not all business--much of Sig O bonding is done over homemade cookies, outrageous stories, and apartment-hosted hangouts. Sig O also does an annual Dillo Day Breakfast, kicking off a righteous day with a buffet, themed tank-tops, and flash tattoos.

The best part about who we are as a group, however, is that we all love being here. No matter what our majors or interests, we are a tight-knit company of ladies who love to sing. We are proud, talented, and unabashed. We are Ride or Die. We are Significant Others.